Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Bar

Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Bar

Super sleek your curls with conditioner in a bar - YES! Your hair will feel silky smooth and you will feel great about not using so much plastic! The active ingredients include rapeseed oil to lock in moisture, orange wax, shea butter and kelp bioferment - all great for hair. Also has a healthy dose of vegetable based keratin and panthenol to give your hair the strength it needs to look its best.


This conditioner is good for all hair types that love extra lush moistures but those with curly hair particularluy love this conditioner!


All better botanics are handcrafted in small batches with the best ingredients. Batches may vary. You can rest assured that all of better botanics are:*Made from gentle naturally derived ingredients*Paraben free *Phthalates free *Sulfate free*Never tested on animals

  • Product Details

    2.5 oz packaged in either biodegradeable shrink wrap or recycled kraft pillow box


    BTMS-50, Cetyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honeyquate PF, Kelp Bioferment, Panthenol, VegeKeratin, Dimethicone, Orange Wax, Vitamin E Oil, Liquid Germall Plus, Essential Oil


    BTMS 50 is derived from Rapeseed Oil. It is both a mild primary emulsifier and an effective conditioning agent, providing elegant feel when used in skin and hair care products.

    Cetyl Alcohol is derived from Coconut Oil. The fatty alcohols are not at all similar to what you might think of when you think of alcohol, from petro or even the natural distilled grains, which would be drying to the skin.  Cetyl alcohol acts as a binding agent, helping the various ingredients in lotions and creams to enable smooth application.